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Clarifying shampoo

Clarifying Shampoo is formulated to deep clean the hair by removing product buildup from the hair shafts. It designed to be applied it to wet hair, massaging the product into the hair, and then rinsing it out. Clarifying shampoos designed to clear out all impurities in a single hair wash. Normally it recommended to be followed with the use of regular hair conditioner. No need to use a special conditioner after clarifying shampoo. Some hair salon treatments like keratin or relaxer perform better on ruthlessly clean hair and we use clarifying shampoo at Figaro Salon too.

It a good idea to use daily this shampoo for oily types hair. For the rest of us: Use a clarifying shampoo if your hair looks dull or has become resistant to your regular products.

Currently we offer clarifying shampoos made by KMS, Label M and others.

Buy top quality hair shampoos developed for Professional Stylists from us. All shampoos available at our shop are selected by Award Winning Hair Stylist Elena (Art Director of Figaro Hair and Beauty Salon).

We ship to Canada and continental USA.

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