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Dry Shampoo

The dry shampoo designed to be used without the need for water. Great as tool for hair-styling as it can create volume and help tease hair. Do nor use it on daily basis or substituent to the regular shampoo as the powders within dry shampoo are meant to absorb the sebum in hair, which is excreted from sebaceous glands and can give hair a greasy appearance when the oil is overproduced.

We offer shampoos made by Goldwell, KMS, LABEL.M, Aveda, Alterna and some others leading shampoo manufactures presented in Canada.

Buy top quality hair care products developed for Professional Stylists from us. All products available at our shop are selected by Award Winning Hair Stylist Elena (Art Director of Figaro Hair and Beauty Salon).

We ship to Canada and continental USA.

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