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First hair sprays were invented in 18 century but became commercially available shortly after WWII (1940s) in aerosol form.

For the last decades aerosol sprays considered to harm environment and new non-aerosol sprays getting popular. Non-aerosol hairspray is packaged as a liquid, usually in a bottle with a pump-sprayer.

Buy top quality hair sprays developed for Professional Stylists here at our Outlet store. For the last 15 years we won many hair competitions nationally and internationally styling with particular premium sprays. We spend thousands of hours testing sprays to recommend the best picks for public. Buy with confidence! We carry only trusted, tested in salon environment hair sprays and offer other premium products too. We do offer both sprays for sale but be aware that aerosol are getting harder to ship via air parcel and Canada post may refuse to ship aerosol sprays.

All products available at our shop are selected by Award Winning Hair Stylist Elena (Art Director of Figaro Hair and Beauty Salon).

We ship to Canada and continental USA.